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Statement from Rep. Coleman on States' Rights Press Conference 
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by: Rep. Coleman, Garnet F.

Austin--Representative Garnet F. Coleman (Houston) released the following statement in response to the press conference on HCR 50 and states' rights:

This divisive states' rights rhetoric is out of place and unbecoming of a legislative body. As my colleagues cheer on this 10th amendment resolution, they should be mindful that these types of resolutions asserting state sovereignty stir up reminders of the Jim Crow era.

The sad reality is that Southern states used the states' rights arguments to justify slavery, school segregation, poll taxes and literacy tests. If this resolution had the force of law milestones like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act could be voided in Texas.

Our state's leaders need to take responsibility for their words and steer away from the hateful discourse that's caused a heated political environment. As they discuss the role of the federal government, I hope they consider federal legislation and how it has improved the lives of Texans.

Representative Coleman is available for comment.

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