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Regarding: The Sonogram Bill  print page

by: Rep. Davis, Sarah

AUSTIN – Abortion is a horrible way to end a pregnancy, and although I have a deep respect for life, I was unable to support “The Sonogram Bill,” today in the Texas House of Representatives. To me, the issue at stake was not about abortion, but about the role of government in our personal lives. I was compelled to seek office following the passage of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as I am vehemently against the government involving itself in our healthcare decisions. The Sonogram Bill does just that—government interference with the doctor-patient relationship. Although I fully support informed consent, I do not support the Legislature practicing medicine. Conservative legislators have been united against the expanding role of government, and I remain true to that principle.

Texas faces many challenges this legislative session, and in a time when the cry from the electorate is so clearly against bigger government, it is inconsistent with my conservative principles to support legislation that so clearly paves the way for future state mandates on the practice of medicine.

My vote was not an easy one to make, as I am very sensitive to those who work so valiantly for the sake of preserving life. However, in light of my commitment to work against the expanding role of government and my commitment to protect the doctor-patient relationship from government interference, I simply could not support “The Sonogram Bill.”

Vince Sudela

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