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Statement from Representative Garnet Coleman on Senate Bills 7 and 8 
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by: Rep. Coleman, Garnet F.

Austin--Representative Garnet F. Coleman released the following statement in response to Senate Bills 7 and 8 filed by Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst:

"Hats off to Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst for filing this important package of legislation. Senate Bills 7 and 8 are comprised of good bipartisan ideas, many of which are the cornerstones of the health care law signed by President Obama. These bills will keep Texans more in touch with their doctors and out of the emergency room, which is why I co-sponsored similar legislation that Governor Dewhurst, Senator Nelson, and Representative Kolkhorst moved last session."

Some of the provisions in Senate Bills 7 and 8 include:

• Reducing payments when patients are readmitted to a hospital on account of a preventable illness,
• Paying doctors more for good outcomes and less for bad outcomes,
• Creating Health Care Collaboratives that coordinate care and payment mechanisms,
• Encouraging patients to seek care from primary care doctors and clinics instead of emergency rooms and specialists,
• Investing in electronic IT systems, reducing cost, paperwork, and improving productivity,
• Experimental pilot programs that will study alternative payment methods and best practices so that we can learn and implement the most efficient and high quality methods of supplying healthcare,
• Establishing the Texas Institute of Health Care Quality, which is charged with improving the healthcare quality in this state through improving provider collaboration, monitoring pilot program results, and publishing report outcomes for preventable complications and hospital readmissions.

Representative Coleman is available for comment.

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