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From the Office of Rep. Coleman: Americans with Pre-existing Conditions Now Insurable 
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by: Rep. Coleman, Garnet F.

Austin- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the establishment of the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), that will offer coverage to uninsured Americans who have been unable to obtain health coverage because of a pre-existing health condition.

"Texans and Americans are seeing visible changes," said Rep. Coleman. "Thanks to health care reform, Americans who have been unable to obtain health coverage due to a pre-existing condition will now be able to apply for reasonably priced health coverage."

This PCIP is open to individuals who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, have been uninsured for the past six months, and have been unable to obtain health coverage due to a preexisting condition. The PCIP will offer a benefits rich, moderately priced health package that does not base eligibility on income and does not charge a higher premium because of a medical condition. Benefits include primary and specialty care, hospital care, and prescription drugs.

According to one federal estimate, 715,954 uninsured individuals in Texas have a pre-existing condition.

"Prior to today, many Americans with health conditions were uninsurable and had no options," said Rep. Coleman. "Those who were fortunate enough to find insurance were often not covered for the very medical conditions for which they needed the coverage. Thankfully, these individuals now have options and more security."

The PCIP will be in effect until 2014, when insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate against adults with pre-existing conditions, and individuals and small businesses will have access to more affordable private insurance choices through new competitive Exchanges.

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