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by: Rep. Button, Angie Chen

(GARLAND, TX) - Wednesday, February 24th, State Representative Angie Chen Button held her first Banking Roundtable with special guest, Charles G. Cooper, Commissioner of the Texas Department of Banking. Attendees included bankers from Garland, Richardson, and Plano. Steven Scurlock of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas and Cynthia Blankenship of the Independent Community Bankers of America were also in attendance. The Garland Chamber of Commerce graciously agreed to host this event with the Representative at their new chamber headquarters on 520 North Glenbrook.

According to an article appearing in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, US banks experienced their sharpest decline in lending last year since 1942. This suggests that the industry's continued struggles are making it more difficult for the economy to recover. Rep. Button believes it is necessary to focus attention on our community banks that provide a valuable service to our small businesses and an important role in employing Texans. Rep. Button stated, "It is important to work on the positive things we can do in this regulatory environment to help our local banks rebound. This recovery will lead to more jobs for our region."

Representative Button and Commissioner Cooper had a very productive discussion with the bankers in attendance. "I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet and learn from attendees at our first Banking Roundtable. A strong and vibrant state is dependent on understanding and developing all facets of our economy. I am looking forward to making this an annual meeting," stated Rep. Button.

Views on the current regulatory environment for banks were discussed. The conversation included the bankers' perspective on the availability of credit for small business borrowers as well as the local economy and how it has affected their commercial real estate market.

Representative Button was happy to host this roundtable to bring together local bankers. With her focus on economic development and job creation, Representative Button believes the views expressed from the bankers at this roundtable have provided her with valuable information to contemplate as legislation is considered for the 82nd Legislative Session.

Currently serving her first term in the Texas House of Representatives, Representative Angie Chen Button serves portions of Richardson and Garland in Dallas County.

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