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State Representative Dwayne Bohac Helps Motivate Students At Durham Elementary  print page

by: Rep. Bohac, Dwayne

Helps kick off principal's speaker series designed to build character and leadership

HOUSTON, TEXAS - State Representative Dwayne Bohac (Houston) helped Houston Independent School District's Durham Elementary kick off a guest speaker series designed to teach leadership and build character in the fifth grade student population. The innovative program, instituted by Principal Daniel Breiman, will bring local leaders in to speak to the students once a month and will include elected officials, community and business leaders.

Dwayne Bohac used his experience of running for office three times before winning his seat to show that through hard work and perseverance any goal can be achieved. "Everyone faces obstacles while pursuing their goals, but those who can work hard to overcome those obstacles will ultimately achieve their dreams," said Bohac.

"The future leaders of Durham Elementary were excited to learn that State Representative Bohac had attended Katherine Smith Elementary, Clifton Middle School, and Scarborough High School," said Principal Breiman. "He reminded that if they studied hard and persevered, they could become an influential community leader."

Bohac, who grew up in Oak Forest near Durham Elementary, spoke to the entire fifth grade class on the importance of staying in school, perseverance, making good grades, obeying their teachers and parents, and going to college. "I wanted to show the students that someone who grew up in the neighborhood, who was from a very modest background could, through hard work, be a successful community leader," said Bohac."

"State Representative Bohac's speech helped to motivate Durham students to realize that they can achieve anything and can create positive change in the community," said Breiman.

Bohac has received several recognitions and awards since the end of the 2009 Legislative Session for his leadership in public education. The Texas PTA recognized him for authoring legislation expanding the state's sales tax holiday to include school supplies. Additionally, Spring Branch ISD applauded Bohac's support of pay increases for teachers, counselors, nurses, librarians, and speech pathologists as well for fighting to keep local tax dollars in the district rather than being sent to Austin through "Robin Hood". Colleagues in the Texas House awarded Bohac the "Education Advocate Award" and the West Houston Chamber of Commerce presented Bohac with an award for his innovative and hard work to help students, parents, and teachers.

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