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Bohac and Zerwas Recognize Two Doctors To Bring Attention To Lung Cancer Awareness Month In Texas  print page

by: Rep. Bohac, Dwayne

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Today, as part of an effort to increase awareness of lung cancer and its devastating effects on this state, State Representatives Dwayne Bohac (Houston) and Dr. John Zerwas (Katy) honored the efforts of two local doctors who are battling on the front lines to treat the second leading killer of Americans. Lung cancer is one of the most common and deadly forms of this disease and will kill more people this year than all other cancers combined.

The doctors, Ralph Zinner and Raymond Sawaya, are professors at the University of Texas Health Science Center/MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and are world renowned for their work in treating cancer patients and their clinical research. Bohac and Zerwas presented each doctor a signed and framed copy of House Bill 1449. HB 1449, authored by Bohac, is a bill that was passed by the legislature that establishes each November in Texas as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The bill states that Lung Cancer Awareness Month may be recognized in public schools across Texas and in other agencies, organizations and venues to raise awareness of lung cancer and support for lung cancer research.

“Doctors Zinner and Sawaya served as the inspiration for the creation of Lung Cancer Awareness Month,” said Bohac. "These two men have worked to save thousands of Texans over the years, including my wife's late husband. Lung cancer is a devastating disease and it is my hope that through awareness, education and increased funding for research we can cure this type of cancer and all others."

The two doctors also received this recognition for their decades worth of research to help the lives of people all over the world and the incredible strides they have made in their respective fields. Dr. Sawaya is world renowned for his work in enhancing accessibility and safety of brain tumor surgery. Dr. Zinner has received several national awards for his work including the American Society of Clinical Oncology Merit Award.

This past session the legislature appropriated $450 million in bond funding for cancer research to continue the state's focus on this devastating disease. In 2007 Texans voted overwhelmingly to approve $3 billion in obligation bonds to establish the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas for the purpose of scientific research of all forms of human cancer. This places Texas as the cancer research leader among all 50 states.

"The people of Texas have committed to finding a cure for all forms of cancer through the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Lung Cancer Awareness Month is an important part of the overall effort to combat this deadly disease,” said Rep Zerwas.

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