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by: Rep. Button, Angie Chen

(GARLAND, TX) - The Texas Environmental Health Association (TEHA) recognized State Representative Angie Chen Button and Garland City Councilman Larry Jeffus for their support of the passage of HB 1530. The awards were presented at the Garland City Council meeting on September 1st by current TEHA President Kelly Kirkpatrick-Stockburger. The “TEHA Meritorious Service Awards” are given to individuals who provide unwavering support to the public health protection of the citizens of Texas. HB 1530 moved the licensure of mosquito control professionals from the Texas Department of State Health Services to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

“The changes H.B. 1530 brings about will allow for an increase in public health protection throughout Texas. Representative Button recognized the impending crisis and intervened; she should be given accolades by all the citizens of Texas.” stated Richard Briley, Garland’s Managing Director of Health and former TEHA President.

TEHA represents over 1100 environmental and public health professionals throughout Texas and is one of the largest and most active environmental health associations in the nation.
Representative Button is proud to have authored the legislation to save money for local governments, including the cities of Garland and Richardson in Button’s district. "Usually Austin passes on new spending mandates to local government. I am so happy that, this time, we have passed legislation to save local government money. It is even nicer that H.B. 1530 can also help save lives! I look forward to continuing to work with the City of Garland to save taxpayer dollars and to improve the health of our citizens."

Before the passage of H.B. 1530, public health agencies had to license pest control professionals through the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS). Unfortunately, the cost per license category had been set at a steep rate of $750 per two year term. Because of the large fee required by TDSHS, many jurisdictions scaled back or dropped licensure altogether. In contrast, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), which handles all other pest control licensure in the state, is able to charge a $12 fee per year for a similar license category. Representative Button's H.B. 1530 moved health-related pesticide applicator licensure from TDSHS to TDA. This bill will save jurisdictions money while protecting Texans from the dangers of misapplied pesticides and potentially disease-ridden mosquitoes.

Currently serving her first term in the Texas House of Representatives, Representative Angie Chen Button serves portions of Richardson and Garland in Dallas County. Representative Button serves on the Appropriations Committee and the Committee on Technology, Economic Development, and Workforce.

Contact: Amanda Jeffers (512) 463-0486

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