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Representative Zerwas Seeks Answers to Public Education Costs and Transportation Reforms  print page

by: Rep. Zerwas, John

Austin On Thursday January 15, 2008, State Representative John Zerwas proudly represented House District 28 by introducing several important measures for his constituency. Dr. Zerwas filed three bills on behalf of the numerous constituent requests for honest transportation policy and more accountable education spending in Texas.

Representative Zerwas made halting the Trans-Texas Corridor project a top priority during his first tenure as the State Representative for District 28. In his second term, Representative Zerwas filed HB 641 to ensure more accountability for future transportation policy in Texas. Zerwas said "I filed HB 641 to ensure that the head of transportation policy in Texas is directly accountable to the voters. While I am encouraged by the Sunset Commission's recommendations, I believe at this time in Texas history, an elected official independent of the Governor's office is a vital component for ensuring sound transportation policy in Texas. "

Representative Zerwas also filed HB 644 to end diversions for non-highway programs from the state highway fund. Representative Zerwas stated "Texas residents pay a gas tax for the purposes of road construction and maintenance, period. The Legislature needs to stop the practice of diverting funds from their intended purposes."

Lastly, as public education costs continue to soar, Dr. Zerwas filed HB 642 to require the Texas Education Agency to compile in a report the fiscal impact of federal and state unfunded mandates upon the public school system. Zerwas noted "The local taxpayers of my district have a right to understand how unfunded federal and state mandates are paid for by local taxpayers."

Further information regarding Representative Zerwas' work on these issues can be obtained by contacting Representative Zerwas' capitol office at (888) 827-1560.

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