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Rep. Zerwas Files Margin Tax Sunset, Illegal Immigrant Reporting Requirements Legislation  print page

by: Rep. Zerwas, John

Austin On Monday, November 17th, 2008 State Representative John Zerwas was proud to file two bills based upon two of the top concerns voiced by residents of House District 28.

The Revenue Reform Act of 2009 will phase out the margin tax by 2014. The phase out process will ensure that adequate revenues continue to fund our schools while gradually removing businesses out from under the margin tax. During the phase out the state will conduct an extensive revenue study to find new funding sources that are broader and fairer to taxpayers. The Comptroller will also be required to make spending reduction proposals to the Legislature in the report.

The second bill will require every state agency to report the cost of services and benefits provided to unlawful citizens. The report will provide the Legislature and citizens a better understanding of how their tax dollars are spent. This bill will help the Legislature have better oversight on whether or not our own state agencies are following the law.

Representative Zerwas made halting the Trans-Texas Corridor project a top priority during his first tenure as the State Representative for District 28. His second term will continue the fight against the TTC while working to ensure prosperity for home an business owners, state fiscal responsibility and upholding the rule of law at state agencies.

"I am thankful to the citizens of my district for placing their vote of confidence in me to continue their work in Austin. I look forward to getting these two pieces of legislation passed. We must remove the harmful business tax during these hard economic times and we must ensure that state tax dollars are being used to support our own citizens. These two bills are about prosperity and respect for the rule of law."

Further information regarding Representative Zerwas' work on these issues can be obtained by contacting Representative Zerwas's capitol office at (888) 827-1560.

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