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Robin’ Who? House Members Vote to Limit Funding to 28 Universities  print page

by: Rep. Deshotel, Joe

Seven schools benefit under new $86 million proposal

(Austin)—In a stunning blow to higher education funding, the House of Representatives voted to table an amendment that would have meant tens of millions for 28 Texas universities and colleges. The amendment, offered by Representative Joe Deshotel (Beaumont), would have returned $136,000 to over $3.5 million dollars to schools, including over $1.7 million to Lamar University.

“This amendment would have brought over $86 million in additional funding to the universities at a time when we are cutting faculty, services, and grant money to college students and their working families,” Deshotel stated after seeing his amendment tabled, along with hundreds of other amendments to increase funding to higher education and health and human services.

“While I don’t fault those representatives whose schools would have lost money, I do question those that voted to kill the amendment when their schools could have benefited from it. They voted to give UT $39 million at the expense of the students, faculty and staff in their districts.”

Deshotel was referring to the fact that under the current proposal the University of Texas at Austin would receive 45%, or $39 million of the $86 million available, while only serving 11% of the students at the 32 universities.

Currently, each university negotiates a rate to pay for infrastructure ---utilities, space and general facility overhead when receiving a federal grant. The universities return 50% of what they get from federal research grants to the state for overhead. For example, if a school received a $1 million grant, and had a negotiated rate of 40%, the total award would be $1.4 million. The school would then send 50% or $200,000 back to the state, since the state provides the school with the buildings, faculty and other goods and services to implement the research.

“At a time when we are asking all our colleges and universities to sacrifice, cut, and do without, I am surprised that some members would allow the lion’s share of resources to benefit only seven state schools.”

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