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Legislators File Bill Designed to Empower Children of the Foster Care System 
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by: Rep. Rodriguez, Eddie

AUSTIN, TX -- Representative Eddie Rodriguez (Austin) and Senator Carlos Uresti (San Antonio) have filed companion pieces of legislation providing a comprehensive statement of children's rights while in foster care. While a Client Bill of Rights currently does exist in statute, these companion bills, House Bill 1752 and Senate Bill 805, will establish a Foster Children’s Bill of Rights. These bills are specific to children in the Department of Family and Protective Care system, and require that these rights be visible and accessible.

"Currently, some rights exist in statute, but foster children often do not know about them. They do not have the opportunity to see their rights on paper, or have them explained. These bills make sure young people have the opportunity to advocate for themselves or get help if things aren't going as they should," said Rodriguez. HB 1752 and SB 805 also expand on the rights that are currently in law.

HB 1752 and SB 805 guarantee a wide array of rights, 40 in all, including the right: to be free from discrimination or harassment based on gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or HIV status; to attend school and participate in sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities; and to make confidential complaints to DFPS regarding violations of their rights.

"Most of the provisions in the Foster Children's Bill of Rights were offered by current or former foster children who know the flaws of the system from personal experience. Representative Rodriguez and I are proud to work with these remarkable children to bring their hopes for improvement to the legislature," Senator Uresti said.

For more information, please contact, Damon Martinez in the Office of State Representative Eddie Rodriguez at 512-463-0674 or Ryan Sullivan in the Office of State Senator Carlos Uresti at 512-463-0119.

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