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Rep. Deshotel to Chair Economic Development Committee 
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by: Rep. Deshotel, Joe

~ East Texas maintains important voice in economic development and transportation policies ~

(Austin) – Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Tom Craddick named Rep. Joe Deshotel as Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development, and reappointed him to the Transportation Committee for the 80th Legislation Session.

“Being named chairman of Economic Development Committee is important for East Texas,” Deshotel said. “This committee assignment ensures that job creation and the increased vitalization of the local technology industry receive proper attention during the legislative process.”

Speaker Craddick spent weeks meeting with members and carefully deliberating committee assignments. “As chairman of the Economic Development Committee, Joe will continue to provide East Texas a voice for job creation and business. I congratulate him and look forward to seeing him lead,” Craddick said.

"I want to thank the Speaker for giving me the honor and privilege of serving the State in a greater capacity and for continuing my efforts on the Transportation Committee," said Deshotel.

The House Economic Development Committee has jurisdiction over commerce, trade, job creation and training, wages and unemployment compensation. The committee also has jurisdiction over advances in science and technology, including research and development. The House Transportation Committee oversees state highways, airports, seaports, mass transit and commercial motor vehicles.

Rep. Deshotel served on the Economic Development, Redistricting and Transportation Committees in the 79th Legislative Session.

Committee Members:

Chair: Joe Deshotel
Vice Chair: Joe Straus
CBO: Lois Kolkhorst

Jim Dunnam
Geanie Morrison
Solomon Ortiz Jr.
Marc Veasey

Committee Jurisdiction:
The committee shall have seven members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
(1) commerce, trade, and manufacturing;
(2) economic and industrial development;
(3) job creation and job-training programs;
(4) hours, wages, collective bargaining, and the relationship between employers and employees;
(5) unemployment compensation, including coverage, benefits, taxes, and eligibility;
(6) boiler inspection and safety standards and regulation;
(7) labor unions and their organization, control, management, and administration;
(8) weights and measures;
(9) advances in science and technology, including telecommunications, electronic technology, and automated data processing;
(10) the promotion of scientific research, technological development, and technology transfer in the state;
(11) matters relating to cooperation of state and local governments with the scientific and technological community, which includes industry, the universities, and federal governmental laboratories; and
(12) the following state agencies: the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office, the Texas Emerging Technology Committee, the Texas Workforce Commission, the Texas Workforce Investment Council, and the Texas National Research Laboratory Commission.

Contact: Jim Navarro, Chief of Staff
Phone: 512-463-0662 or 512-762-5290

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