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Rep. Deshotel Feels $1 million dollar Grant is a Step in the Right Direction.  print page

by: Rep. Deshotel, Joe

Earlier this week the Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst announced a $1 million grant, made available through the Governor's Disaster Relief Fund, to help small businesses impacted by Hurricane Rita. The grant will be administered locally by the SB Alliance organization, which is part of the Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation. These funds will be used to provide eligible businesses with up to $15,000 in low interest loans.

"I believe this money is step in the right direction towards helping small businesses get back on their feet. Southeast Texas is in much need of this type of support to ensure a speedy economic recovery," Representative Deshotel said.

Representative Deshotel has visited with local businesses owners in his district. The overwhelming response is that they want to get back to business as usual. Consumers have also acknowledged that they are eager to bring back conveniences that these local businesses offer. These funds will help to give some small businesses an opportunity to start back up, and a chance that they otherwise may not have.

"Texas' small businesses play a vital role in our economic success and should be given access to available resources to rebuild after a disaster like the one Southeast Texas has experienced," said Representative Deshotel.

According to the Lieutenant Governors office eligibility requirements have not yet been established for these loans, but are expected to be solidified as early as next week.

For those interested in more information please contact James Cade in Representative Deshotel's Capitol office at 512-463-0662.

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