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Texas House Welcomes " Hotel Rwanda " Hero 
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by: Rep. Coleman, Garnet F.

~ Rep. Coleman Passes Resolution Honoring Rusesabagina ~

(Austin) --Today Representative Garnet F. Coleman hosted Paul Rusesabagina in his capitol office and passed a resolution on the house floor honoring his dedication to humanity. Rusesabagina emerged as a hero during the Rwandan Genocide over ten years ago when he saved the lives of 1,268 people.

For the 100 days of genocide, Rusesabagina sheltered over 1000 people in the hotel where he worked as acting manager allowing most of them to escape death. During the same time, approximately one million lives were lost.

"I am honored to stand here with a man, who with exceptional courage and compassion, managed to save the lives of 1,200 people," said Rep. Coleman. "Paul Rusesabagina has proven that it is possible for an ordinary man to make a difference in the lives of others."

Recently, Rusesabagina served as a special consultant on this year's hit film, Hotel Rwanda. The film, inspired by his life, has earned three Academy Award nominations, including a best actor nomination for Don Cheadle's portrayal of Rusesabagina.

After leaving Rwanda, Rusesabagina moved to Belgium as a refugee. He is a successful businessman and owner of a transport company.

He is also involved in many charitable organizations aiding survivors of the Rwandan tragedy and has set up a foundation for further assistance. The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, Inc. provides support, care, assistance, educational, vocational, mental health, and other charitable services for children orphaned and women abused during the genocidal violence in Rwanda in 1994.

Mr. Rusesabagina will speak this evening on the campus of the University of Texas at 7 p.m. in the Ballroom of the Texas Union.

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