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Speaker Straus Asks Members to Focus on Fiscal Challenges  print page

by: Rep. Straus, Joe

House Speaker Joe Straus sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday encouraging Members to consider a number of budget challenges that will face the Legislature when it convenes next January.

The Speaker’s letter identifies the need to address the state’s foster care system and a shortfall within the state’s health care system for retired teachers. It also notes that the state’s school finance system is still under court review.

“Any of these issues individually would pose a challenge,” the letter from Speaker Straus says. “Yet they come at a time when our state continues to grow rapidly, bringing more children in our schools, more cars on our roads, and an overall greater demand for state resources. At the same time, we do not want to abandon the commitment to low taxation and overall fiscal discipline that has put our state in such a sound budgetary position.”

Speaker Straus adds, “Writing a balanced and disciplined budget that appropriately funds our top priorities is going to be a significant challenge. However, I know that you and your House colleagues are up to that challenge. This is not a theoretical exercise, but rather a task that affects children, taxpayers, and our state’s future. That’s why I encourage you to approach the work of this interim period with purpose and creativity.”

You can full the view letter from Speaker Straus to the Appropriations Committee here:

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