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by: Rep. Miller, Rick

Representative Rick Miller (Sugar Land) is announcing the creation of 16 District Advisory Teams (DATs) within House District 26. This new effort will focus on critical issues affecting House District 26 (HD 26) and the State of Texas, particularly Public & Higher Education, Elections, Veterans’ Affairs, Health Care, Mental Health Care, Insurance, Energy, Water, Small Business, Banking, Taxes, Public Safety, Public Governance, Transportation, Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.

All of these areas of study will be part of the HD 26 legislative agenda in the 84th Legislative session, beginning in January 2015. These teams will be comprised of industry experts and grassroots professionals who have volunteered to serve in these specific areas of importance to our great State.

In speaking to the Education District Advisory Team early last week, Rep. Miller said ''This is an awesome task, but with a serious approach to this challenge and the commitment of our community, we will be successful.'' He further advised the team to ''leave no stone unturned…consider every phase of the process. We have the opportunity to truly make a difference, and I am ready to listen and support your ideas.''

The various District Advisory Teams will continue to meet throughout the remainder of the year and will present their findings and opinions to Rep. Miller and his staff in November, prior to the beginning of the 84th Legislative Session in January.

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