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Rep. Martinez Fischer calls for Safer TASER use

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~ H.B. 1535 will monitor, train and register Texans who use TASERs ~

San Antonio, TX - Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (San Antonio) called for safer TASER use by filing H.B. 1535. H.B. 1535 will monitor, train and require registration for Texans who use TASERs.

"The San Antonio Police Department brought this bill to me because they are concerned about the nature of this weapon and its anti-law enforcement implications," said Representative Martinez Fischer. "We owe it to our law enforcement to ensure that Texans register their TASERs and have the proper training to use these weapons responsibly."

"San Antonio Police Officers are trained and required to meet certain standards before being able to carry a TASER. We strongly believe the public should meet certain requirements and standards as well," said Teddy Stewart, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

Stunning with a TASER sends 50,000 volts throughout the body incapacitating its target. A TASER poses a significant threat to law enforcement because it can't be defended against. Guns and bullets are more lethal but bulletproof vests can provide some protection. As Representative Martinez Fischer points out, "Electricity can't be stopped. No practical amount of body armor will keep an electrical charge from immobilizing a police officer. TASERs are weapons and I don't want to see them used against police officers or people to commit crimes."

H.B. 1535 is modeled after the concealed handgun law. Under H.B. 1535, a "stun gun" will be defined as a projectile weapon that uses electric impulses to incapacitate. Offenses will be created making it unlawful to carry a stun gun in areas including school zones, correctional facilities and churches.

State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer represents District 116 in the heart of San Antonio and sits on the Civil Practices and Urban Affairs Committees.

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