Committee Members

Committee does not have any member assignments.


  committee shall have seven members, with jurisdiction over all
  matters pertaining to:
               (1)  banking and the state banking system;
               (2)  savings and loan associations;
               (3)  credit unions;
               (4)  the regulation of state and local bonded
               (5)  the lending of money;
               (6)  the regulation of securities and investments;
               (7)  privacy and identity theft; and
               (8)  the following state agencies: the Finance
  Commission of Texas, the Credit Union Commission, the Office of
  Consumer Credit Commissioner, the Office of Banking Commissioner,
  the Texas Department of Banking, the Department of Savings and
  Mortgage Lending, the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company, the
  Texas Public Finance Authority, the Bond Review Board, and the
  State Securities Board.
         (b)  The chair of the committee shall appoint a permanent
  subcommittee on state and local bonded indebtedness consisting of
  not fewer than five members to consider all matters pertaining to
  bonded indebtedness by a state or local governmental entity,
               (1)  the authority to issue bonds and the effects of
  issuing bonds;
               (2)  the economic impact of bonded indebtedness; and
               (3)  the transparency of, and information provided to
  taxpayers regarding, transactions related to the issuance of bonds.